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Information is a strategic resource; your information systems power the financial and operational integrity of your organisation. Our information technology services ensure that the IT effectiveness of your organisation is continuously improved.

For this purpose we have built a team of IT specialists who assist our clients in designing and implementing effective IT strategies and solutions. These services constitute excellent value for money to our clients in terms of cost savings, increased productivity and/or competitive advantage.

Our specialists have considerable experience in designing, acquiring, developing and implementing cost effective information systems using modern tools and technologies.

The services we offer include:

  • Strategic reviews - we offer practical help on designing or evaluating IT strategies and assessing the impact of these strategies on corporate objectives, structures and functions. Working closely with your management team, we will help you turn information into a powerful enabler for the achievement of business advantage.
  • Feasibility studies - we can help you test the technical, corporate and economic feasibility of developing new computer systems. This we do by analysing existing procedures and systems in the area under investigation and generating ideas about the new system.
  • Selection of hardware and software - our involvement with the IT industry enables us to extend a wealth of contacts to our clients with regards to hardware and software providers of good repute. We will subsequently assist you in assimilating the technical jargon and arriving at a wise decision as to what best suits your requirements.
  • Project management and implementation - as IT projects get bigger and more complicated, the risks of something going wrong also increase. The implementation stage of a project is a critical phase involving careful planning and management. This is the point of greatest upheaval when the major impact on existing practices shifts to your employees individually. We have the skills to help you manage this phase, ensuring that the change over takes place as smoothly as possible.
  • Computer security reviews - many companies have no IT security policy in place. If your company falls into this category, you should undergo a risk assessment evaluation of the threats to the business and its vulnerability to a breach of IT security, and the resultant impact on the business. This will enable you to develop an effective information security and management policy.