Business planning and performance improvement

The business plan is the ultimate planning tool in business. It translates your chosen strategy into measurable and attainable short term-objectives and a clear plan of action. Whether starting a new business or trying to develop your existing one, the business plan helps you think through your strategies, balance enthusiasm with facts and recognise your limitations. It helps you avoid potentially disastrous errors like undercapitalising, creating a negative cash flow, hiring the wrong people, selecting the wrong location and targeting the wrong market.

Besides giving you the confidence of knowing that you can achieve your goals, a business plan is also essential when trying to raise finance for your business. It is the document that sells your business to potential lenders and investors. It shows that you are in control and that you know exactly what needs to be done to sell enough of your products or services to make a healthy profit.

When helping our clients to prepare their business plan we go by the adage that “planning is everything, the plan is nothing”. Therefore our aim is not just to hand you over a professional looking document. We want to make sure that you have a clear strategy, understand its implications and have what it takes in terms of capabilities and resources to make it happen.