Online Gaming Licence

Online Gaming Licence – Pre-Application

Prior to submission all applicants are advised to go through a pre-application process with one of the MGA’s Licensing Officers. This will ensure that the application has been correctly compiled and all the key ingredients are present. This process assists in speeding up the licensing process as in the MGA’s experience most applications are slowed down due to missing
or incomplete information.


The Application Process

The application process has been harmonised into a singular stage. Applicants can submit all the required information at one go and the MGA commits itself to the analysis of all information through multiple internal process streams.

In the application stage the MGA assesses whether an applicant:

1. Is fit and proper to conduct gaming business;
2. Is correctly prepared from a business strategy perspective;
3. Has the operational and statutory requirements to meet the obligations prescribed by law and policy;
4. Has correctly implemented and tested, on a technical environment, what has been applied for, before going live.


Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) Fit & Proper Test

The MGA conducts a fit and proper exercise on the applicant by assessing all information related to all shareholders, UBOs, and persons involved in finance and management; as well as on the business viability of the operation. The MGA conducts probity investigations with other national and international regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies.


Business Planning

The MGA conducts an in-depth financial analysis of the applicant’s business plan. The applicant’s business plan is expected to have a detailed forecast of the operation, inclusive of marketing and distribution strategies, HR plan and growth targets.


Operational and Statutory Requirements

The applicant is examined on the instruments required to conduct the business. This process includes examining incorporation documents, the operational policies and procedures, the games and the gaming and control systems, the technical setup, including system, network and application architecture, the rules, terms, conditions and procedures of the games, and other documents which might be required.

Furthermore, a licensee is subject to minimum issued and paid-up share capital requirements:

• Type 1 – Minimum €100,000
• Type 2 – Minimum €100,000
• Type 3 – Minimum €40,000
• Type 4 – Minimum €40,000

Companies with multiple type approvals are required to meet the above share capital requirements cumulatively up to a minimum capping of €240,000.

The above three components constitute the desk-based audit of the application requirements. Inconsistent and low quality applications will be dropped and the applicant will be subject to re-application.


Malta Online Gaming Licence Systems Review

Once all three areas are successfully completed the MGA will inform the applicant that the application was successful and will invite the applicant to implement onto a technical environment in preparation to going live. The applicant will be allowed 60 days to complete this operation after which the application will be considered as suspended and subject to re-application. At
any point within those 60 days the applicant may trigger a request for an external System Review (performed by an independent 3rd party contracted by the MGA against a fixed market price). The System Review will audit the live environment against the proposed application. At this stage the MGA expects minimal deviation from the application. Significant changes to
the gaming system will require the applicant to re-apply through a new application. On successful completion of the certification process, the Authority issues a five year licence.

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Partner | Head of tax, regulatory and compliance | International Liaison Director
Wayne Pisani
Wayne Pisani
Partner | Head of tax, regulatory and compliance | International Liaison Director
Wayne Pisani