Attracting the business and leisure guests of the future

The hospitality and leisure industry is going through a period of extraordinary, inevitable change and will look very different in 2020 than it does today. On the surface, the sector may look like it is in good shape but it is becoming increasingly consumer-led and guests are calling all the shots. How will hotels compete in an increasingly digital world where guests can aim negative comments at you at any time? And what will future business models look like?

Why Grant Thornton?

At Grant Thornton, we use qualified sector knowledge to help you navigate the challenges and realise the opportunities. Our team has an extensive range of hands-on experience in the hotel, and broader hospitality and leisure sector, bringing insight and in-depth knowledge of sector trends to projects.

We have broad knowledge in hospitality and tourism sectors, with a continually growing client base from SME’s to large pub/hotel groups. The team fathoms that not all organisations have the same requirements; therefore in order to meet the businesses' needs, we combine our technical experience and global reach to help you develop the operational, branding, technology and finance strategies you need to take your business to another level.