Financial statements audits

Grant Thornton specialises in providing financial statements audits and assurance services which are in full compliance with local regulations, as well as International Standards on Auditing and the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants’ Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants (IESBA Code) together with the ethical requirements of the Accountancy Profession in Malta. High-quality results are also guaranteed by the experience matured by the Grant Thornton International network.


What are Financial Statements Audits and why are they important?

Financial statements are produced by companies to provide information about their financial affairs for a given period and their financial position at the end of such period.  An audit must be carried out by an independent auditor and the results will give assurance about the company’s performance and financial position to its stakeholders. These can be shareholders, investors, banks, suppliers and clients. The engagement of an external auditor provides confidence to the aforementioned parties on the financial status of a company.

In addition to the legal or other requirements for an audit of financial statements, such work carries several benefits. Since such reports are publicly available, these can:

  • enhance the confidence of prospective investors;
  • provide reassurance to suppliers and lenders about the reliability of a business;
  • add value to a company and increase the public confidence over it.

Through our understanding of the control environment within the organisation, our firm can also highlight areas where enhancements might be necessary to strengthen governance and processes.


Why Grant Thornton?

At Grant Thornton we look beyond simply complying with all relevant regulatory requirements, but more importantly, we do our best to ensure that our team can provide you with quality assurance that delivers real value and support investor confidence.