We firmly believe in the contribution that the private sector can make to public institutions, by providing expert consultancy in a plethora of areas.

Drawing upon an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the complex issues faced by governments, we have been able to build a proven track record in supporting Maltese institutions in their projects. Be it conducting feasibility studies for access to funds, providing technical expertise for the issuance of white papers, complying with new international standards or improving the delivery of services to citizens, our experts are poised to assist governments in reaching their goals.

While keeping focused on present objectives, we nonetheless help our clients to locate future opportunities for economic growth, and we do so by employing rigorous financial risk and analytic processes to address complex public sector issues.

We welcome the opportunity to continue working for government bodies to achieve positive impacts on society at large.


  1. Market research
  2. Financial feasibility studies
  3. Accessibility to finance
  4. Cost-benefit analysis
  5. Public-Private Partnership
  6. Stakeholder consultations
  7. Implementation strategy formulation
  8. Advocacy reporting
  9. Public procurement support