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At Grant Thornton we help innovative firms and entities operating in the fintech space launch new propositions and grow their business. We also help established businesses transform and take advantage of the fintech revolution.

Often a vague term that is applied to any emerging technology that helps deliver financial services in newer, faster ways than was traditionally available, fintech is redefining the landscape for both customers and businesses. 

With the advance of virtual currencies, blockchain, distributed ledger technology and other disruptive technologies, financial executives are now posed with a challenge to determine how to incorporate and apply such new technologies, as well as establish the short-and long-term impact on existing processes and systems.

Fintech has seen a good number of start-ups and entrepreneurs as well as established companies take aggressive action to determine how they can employ these technologies within their ecosystems. Seasoned players are struggling to digitalise their services while new market entrants - such as automated investment managers, payment service providers, consumer lenders and e-traders - have emerged and are challenging the status quo.

The introduction of blockchain, digital smart contracts and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum, have also made it possible for businesses and individuals to raise capital through new digital platforms. Called Initial Coin Offerings, these offer a fundraising mechanism that lies somewhere between a traditional initial public offering (IPO) and investment-based crowdfunding. In essence they provide a new method of capital raising by the creation of a new virtual coin or token and offer it to potential investors.

Malta at the heart of fintech and innovation.

Where does Grant Thornton come in?

From tax advisory to choosing an appropriate company structure, regulatory advice for blockchain start-ups to the launch of platforms, or even ancillary services for ICOs, Grant Thornton is able to guide you from start to finish.

As a leading advisor to the financial services industry and an active member of the start-up sphere, Grant Thornton is committed to help financial institutions and businesses to tap into, and benefit from, the innovations and opportunities which FinTech and disruptive technologies have to offer.

We do this by offering a gamut of consultancy and advisory services to diverse players within the FinTech ecosystem. Our legal, financial and corporate services advisory teams work with organisations to analyse and develop tailored business strategies, providing all necessary support services to implement and execute the plan.


Our Fintech and Innovation

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology

The Malta Virtual Financial Assets Act

The Virtual Financial Assets Act provides a sound legislative framework for Malta to regulate and responsibly promote the use of cryptocurrencies, crypto-exchanges and other crypto-related services, through which Malta aims to promote further technological innovations and growth, and continue building on its robust financial services industry.

Malta at the heart of fintech and innovation

Referred to by many as ‘the blockchain island’, Malta is the first EU Member State to have introduced a complete regulatory framework for the sector, paving the way for the creation of a new regulatory authority - the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) - the registration and certification of service providers of Distributed Ledger Technologies, as well as the regulation of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and related service providers.

Our role as a VFA agent

Our role as a VFA agent consists to assist, monitor and provide guidance throughout the full licensing process, and beyond the licensing stage. The VFA agent will be required to apply for the VFA license on behalf of the issuer.

Initial Coin Offerings

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in Malta have risen to prominence as a method to raise capital from the public, institutions or venture capitalists by selling a percentage of cryptocurrency to investors in the form of tokens in exchange for legal tender (smart contracts).

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Partner | Head of tax, regulatory and compliance | International Liaison Director
Wayne Pisani
Wayne Pisani
Partner | Head of tax, regulatory and compliance | International Liaison Director
Wayne Pisani