Malta's Aviation Sector

Malta’s aviation sector continues to grow at a rapid rate due to its strategic geographic location and industry-friendly approach. Malta has been able to position itself as a centre for both commercial and private airlines with major players such as Malta Air (a subsidiary fleet of Ryan Air) establishing a presence in the country.  Malta has complemented its favourable regulatory regime with a functioning ecosystem providing services such as crew training, engineering and communication services, repair and overhaul (MRO), maintenance and back office.

The strategic importance of the aviation industry is such that in 2010, the Government of Malta reformed the Aircraft Registration Act, paving the way for new laws governing the financing of aeroplanes. The commitment towards the aviation industry was renewed again in 2012, with the establishment of the Safi Aviation Park, whose objective is to provide secure airside facilities for the industry, particularly within the MRO sector. Today, Malta’s aviation registry boasts over 260 aircraft with the aviation contributing 2.5% to Malta’s GDP.

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Aircraft registration in Malta

In terms of Maltese legislation, an aircraft may be registered by an owner who operates an aircraft, an owner of an aircraft under construction or an aircraft temporarily not being operated or managed, an operator of an aircraft under temporary title, subject to certain conditions, as well as a buyer of an aircraft under condition of sale or title reservation agreement.

Legislative framework for aircraft registration in Malta

The launch of air carrier Malta Air has continued to cement Malta’s reputation as a jurisdiction of choice for aviation operators. Since 2004 Malta has continued to see steady growth in this sector which has responded to the Government’s strategy to create an aviation-friendly jurisdiction in a bid to attract airline operators to the island.