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23 Jul 2021

ESMA Opinion on Product Intervention Measures relating to Turbos

The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) notified ESMA on 25 January 2021 of its intention to take product intervention measures under Article 42 of that Regulation (national measures). The AFM provided further information on the content of its notification on 3 May 2021

23 Jul 2021

ESMA Statement on PFOF and zero commission brokers

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has issued a statement to remind firms that the receipt of payment for order flow (PFOF) touches upon a number of key MiFID II obligations aimed at ensuring that they act in their clients' best interest when executing their orders. In light of the serious investor protection concerns raised by PFOF and the multiple requirements applying to it, it is in most cases unlikely that the receipt of PFOF by firms from third parties would be compatible with MiFID II and its delegated acts.

19 Jul 2021

MFSA issues circular for Final Report on the harmonization of fees to Trade Repositories

Final Report on the simplification and harmonisation of fees to Trade Repositories under EMIR and SFTR