Change and program management

We can help you attain project and program success and harvest the capability of change.

Regardless of the priority to the enterprise or the size of the investment, many complex projects never achieve their intended intentions or amount of success. Possible project difficulties are numerous, but the important factor for prosperity is efficient project management.

Grant Thornton bids a personalised approach to aid you emerge your change management capacities and align projects to the firm’s perception, priorities and goals.

Clients are performing in difficult environments, facing challenges that include continuously changing and fast-moving programme needs, high competition and competing demands, all against a challenging economic backdrop.

Our management teams offer an adjustable, client-focused approach based on our affluence of experience across complex projects and programmes in every sector, from manufacturing and pharmaceutical to large utility corporations, education authorities and national infrastructure schemes.

We administer consultancy services and even entire programme management teams to assist our clients deliver controlled change to transform their businesses. As your delivery partner on business change programmes of every shape and size, we help shape your change agenda and results.

Engaging beside your key staff, within your team, across your organisation, we supply hands-on programme managers, support functions and credible advisors to reinforce programme governance.