Access to finance

Like all companies, family businesses need finance. As a Maltese enterprise, they have a number of financing options to consider. With the rapid pace of change in the local business scene, they are dealing with more complexity and facing new challenges when it comes to sourcing finance for their business ventures. At the same time, local financing options have increased exponentially, now also including Prospects MTF and angel investor options. One may also benefit from local or EU grants.

It is for this reason that, as an ongoing business concern looking at expanding, when it comes to raising capital, it’s important that this is done wisely to minimise the risk of collateral damage.

At Grant Thornton, we don’t believe that one size fits all. We also don’t believe that there’s one financing solution out there for everyone. We do believe however, that when raising funds to support business growth, one needs to be aware of all the options available. This is why we are dedicated to working with family businesses to find the right financing solution that will help both their current and future needs.