Global mobility services

Migrant tax compliance and advisory

Grant Thornton is a leading provider of tax return completion services. We use process-enabling software and a global network of offices close to the main centres of expatriate population to give efficient and cost-effective services, while not losing personal touch with you or your employees.

We will also assist you to meet your reporting and payment commitments in the distinct jurisdictions in which you have liabilities. In addition to our compliance work, we aid you with cross-border contract structuring and advise on tax and social security aspects of total compensation packages.

Assignment services

We can provide a full range of services to help you manage international assignees constructed to help you reduce costs while elaborating service to them. We can help with pre-assignment planning, at post support (including individual tax return completion), repatriation assistance, and on-going support, in locations throughout the world.

We have created a complete global service offering able to adjust with your needs using:

  • Business immigration compliance: work permit and visa applications and extensions for business employment situations.
  • Business immigration advisory: advisory work for companies new to business immigration, educational and support services for in-house departments, entrepreneurs, business persons, highly skilled migrants and nationality matters.
  • Global immigration co-ordination: tailored outsourcing of business immigration utilizing our global network of immigration specialists.

Outsourcing advisory

We can weigh your international assignment program processes to record its current state, benchmark against industry standards, and suggest areas of improvement. We can compare your current vendor's costs and performance to industry leaders to help you reduce your costs and improve service to your employees.

Mobility advisory services

We use a spectrum of tested tools and techniques to help coordinate your international assignment program with your business objectives.

With our performance, there are numerous finance enterprises globally wanting to become a partner in order to build a service model.


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Partner | Head of tax, regulatory and compliance | International Liaison Director
Wayne Pisani
Wayne Pisani
Partner | Head of tax, regulatory and compliance | International Liaison Director
Wayne Pisani