Business intelligence and analytics

In the dynamic business environment of today, it is important to be able to collect and analyse the data you generate. It doesn’t matter if you receive this data from internal or external sources, any data will give you a competitive advantage, when used properly. Datamatics’ Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing combined with our extensive expertise, premium partnerships and exclusive Data-to-Intelligence approach will give you a unified business intelligence strategy. You will be able to make data-based decisions and discover hidden trends while you provide the need of information users at any level.

The implementation of ERPs will extend the volume and scope of your data available for analysis. This data will support your income recovery and operational service management while providing evidence for the crucial transformation of care, which will help your company.

We can help you develop your information service by transforming ERP data into actionable information. Doing this you will maximise the effectiveness of your team and improve your management of care.

We have already done several projects which include review of Information services, Information strategies, creation of requirements for data warehousing and data visualisation tools, and the development, testing and implementation of reporting systems.