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Taking action on World Earth Day

By Francesca Vella


Today is Earth Day, a day to remind ourselves that we need to protect our beautiful home together. There has never been more urgent time to step up and take action. This year’s theme is to “Invest In Our Planet”.

What questions might an organisation consider when planning out their sustainability journey?


The time is now to take action and do our part.

What can you do on Earth Day to get involved?

  • Educate yourself, and learn more about how you or your organisation might impact society;
  • Take action, and shift towards sustainable practices;
  • Spread the word and encourage others to do their part.


This is our home every day and not just on 22 April. For some tips and ideas on how to do your part, The Earth Day Network has published 52 ways to make a difference every day of the year.


How is Grant Thornton contributing to change?

At Grant Thornton, we are focusing on six of the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals, where we feel we can make the most difference:

How can we help you?

Grant Thornton’s multidisciplinary team gauges the environmental, operational, social and financial impacts to better inform the decision-making process of our clients.

If you need guidance on how to transition to a sustainable model or to access funding to support your sustainability transition get in touch with Grant Thornton’s Sustainability Team by sending an email to or visit Sustainability | Grant Thornton Malta.