The European Banking Authority (EBA) has recently expanded its Guidelines on Money Laundering and Funding of Terrorism (ML/FT) Risk Factors to encompass Crypto-Asset Service Providers (CASPs).

Key considerations for CASPs and other financial institutions

The expansion of these Guidelines implies that they will now offer insights into the mitigating measures that should be adopted. The document explains how CASPs can tailor their risk mitigation strategies, incorporating the utilization of blockchain analytics tools. Moreover, it provides guidance to other financial institutions and credit entities that either have CASPs as clients or are exposed to crypto assets.

In addition to focusing on CASPs, the revised guidelines also consider amendments to the EU Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) legal framework, along with emerging ML/FT risks. The enhancements include fresh directives on ML/TF risk assessments, customer due diligence concerning beneficial owners, and adherence to provisions related to enhanced customer due diligence for dealings with high-risk jurisdictions. The guidelines further introduce sector-specific guidance for crowdfunding platforms, corporate finance, payment initiation services providers (PISPs), account information service providers (AISPs), and entities engaged in currency exchange office activities.

It is crucial to note that these updated guidelines will come into effect on December 30, 2024. Interested parties can access the amended guidelines through the EBA's official website here.


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