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Fabian Camilleri

Fabian Camilleri

Assistant Manager | Audit and Assurance

Fabian holds a Masters in Accountancy from University of Malta. He also has 4 years of full-time audit experience, including 2 years’ experience at a big 4 firm.

Fabian joined the audit and assurance service line of Grant Thornton in October 2020 as an executive, promoted to senior executive in December 2021 and promoted to assistant manager in July 2022.

The following is a list of various industries encountered during his work:

  • Performed audit of governmental entities
  • Performed audit of collective investment funds
  • Performed audit and consolidation of group of financial statements
  • Performed audit of retail, manufacturing and construction companies
  • Masters in Accountancy - University of Malta
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy & Economics - University of Malta
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Fabian Camilleri
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Assistant Manager | Audit and Assurance
Fabian Camilleri
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