Malta has enacted legislation which extends to individuals providing excellent or manifestly superior contributions in the fields of science, research, sports, arts and culture as well as people of exceptional interest to the Republic of Malta, the right to become Maltese citizens.

Within this framework, an evaluation board will consider the person’s contributions and decide on whether the person is eligible for naturalization under this framework.

The Board wil evaluate the applications within 180 days from the receipt of the documents and then relay their report to the Minister responsible for Citizenship, who must then evaluate and decide on whether the applicant will become a Maltese citizen within 60 days.

Qualifying Criteria

A beneficiary must satisfy the following criteria:

  • be resident in Malta for at least 8 months prior to the application
  • have provided exceptional services to the Republic of Malta or to humanity
  • be recommended by two people who are qualified to act as sponsors

Administrative fee

A non-refundable application fee of €1,000 and a certificate fee of €50 are applicable for each application.