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Malta’s way forward: sustainable recovery, development and growth

The Covid 19 pandemic has distracted and caught the world off guard. In response, EU countries were allowed to temporarily distance themselves from their Medium Term Objectives as defined by the Stability and Growth Pact, since the General Escape Clause came into effect Governments would pursue their efforts to revive the economy by investing through schemes and measures which they hope, would ultimately yield sustainable development and kickstart the economy.

Now that private and public organisations are combining their efforts to restart the economy, one might argue that it is the perfect opportunity for companies to bounce back into business. However, such investment should incorporate the European Green Deal, which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of both present and future generations, thereby creating both organisational and environmentally sustainable development. 

This report was a matter of discussion during the 2021 edition of our online forum "Shaping Malta's Future."