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How finding your brand’s voice will make you stand out from the competition

By Fabio Giangolini


There is no denying the fact that we live in a “branded” society. From outdoor media campaigns to the targeted advertisements users are exposed to when using apps and social networks, brands are all around us 24/7. While we are all targeted by the same commercial messages, their effectiveness can vary considerably according to one’s perception and experience of the brand. Though some may recall the colour of a logo, a particular jingle, or a testimonial, others could focus on the actual product experience, or even the values it stands for.

According to a report published last year by US public relation firm 5W, 21% of Baby Boomers believe that purchasing brands that share their values is important. With Generation X this number rises to 50%, while 62% of Millennials would only buy from organisations that support their own political beliefs. In a bid to cash in on people’s idealism, companies worldwide have quickly responded by placing corporate social responsibility and woke (socially conscious) marketing at the forefront of their strategies.

Bridging the gap between consumers and organizations is therefore a process which begins during the research and development phases of brand creation, with the analysis of the target audience and the establishment of a mission, vision and values which resonate with it.

Several case studies have demonstrated how brands which were considered as being minor players, have been able to grow and become a consumer’s reference point by identifying their unique voice. Launched in 1996, sports apparel brand Under Armour started increasingly eroding Nike’s market share in the US. This was made possible by adopting an innovative communication strategy which emphasized the brand’s underdog identity and differentiated it from its competitors, all the while adopting a communication style that reached to the heart of those consumers who were unphased by the industry giants’ campaigns.

Such is the extent of work required in creating a successful brand voice, that this process can only be approached in a systematic and organized way. Join us on Friday 4th of June in the upcoming webinar called “Creative branding and promotion: connecting products with clients”, to discover what it takes to create a successful brand, how to generate a campaign that resonates with your clients, and analyse compelling success stories of brands that rose from the unknown to international fame.

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