As part of Grant Thornton’s procedure, we are required to record the video call for our internal purposes, as well as taking screenshots during the call.


Prior to the video call, kindly provide us with a signed copy of the privacy notice you have been provided with and with a copy of the passports of the individual(s) who will take part in the call.


To carry out the video conference, we shall be opting to use Microsoft Teams. Kindly note the following guidelines to be able to access Teams:


  • After your confirmation, we are going to send you a calendar invite containing a link to the video call.
  • Upon receipt of the email, please click on ‘Join Microsoft Teams Meeting’
  • If you do not have Microsoft teams, kindly download the application to enter the call. You will not be required to create an account.
  • Once the call has started, click ‘Join Now’ to enter the conference call.
  • Throughout the video call, please ensure that the audio and visual devices are working well for verification purposes.


Due to the use of an external software, we are also providing you with a link to Microsoft’s privacy statement for your perusal –


Grant Thornton reserves the right to request another video call with you if the quality of audio and/or visual devices are not adequate.