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The implications of Brexit for UK residents in Malta

On the 9th April 2019 the Maltese government issued a legal notice which clarifies the uncertainty which has surrounded the immigration status of British citizens resident in Malta upon the withdrawal date of the United Kingdom from the European Union.  The legal notice introduced the Immigration Status of British Citizens Resident in Malta on the Withdrawal Date of the United Kingdom from The European Union Regulations (the “Regulations”) to make provision for the regularisation of the roughly 13,000 Britons who are already resident in Malta before the BREXIT date.

The Regulations ensure that that those individuals, along with their relatives, who are already legally resident in Malta and was in Malta prior to the Brexit date will be entitled to keep on living, working and enjoying access to healthcare and education without the need for an employment permit so long as they have enough funds to maintain themselves and continue to maintain sickness insurance. 

British citizens who hold a valid Certificate under the Residents Scheme Regulations are entitled to the status available under these Regulations provided that they relinquish the said certificate and submit an application under the Regulations within 2 years from the Brexit date.

Economically self-sufficient persons, persons who have been granted permanent residence and students, all fall with the scope of the Regulations.

Such status may be renewed every ten years from the date of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, as long as the minimum conditions will continue to be satisfied. Such individuals will also be allowed to retain their documentation until new one is issued.

Nonetheless, this entitlement shall be revoked if the individual:

- is absent from Malta for a continuous period of 2 years;

- is found guilty of an offence and sentenced to imprisonment for 1 year or more;

- is no longer economically self-sufficient or no longer has sickness insurance; or

- does not apply for a residence permit under this new Regulation within 2 years from the withdrawal date.

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