Grant Thornton had been appointed as consultants for the University of Malta by MCST under the FUSION programme, specifically to assess the ability to commercialise a technology being developed by the Institute of Aerospace Technologies. The technology targeting the identified industry concerns, the Project proposes a novel concept of automation within the sector.

Services provided include:

• Market research: identification of perspective users and customer readiness towards the technology; identification of geographical targets; primary and secondary market identification and analysis; assessment of industry trends; competitor/substitute analysis; PESTEL analysis; and assessment of barriers to entry;

• Product development costing: assessment of commercialisation options; review of operational assumptions; forecast market trends based on market research; assessment of an appropriate internal rate of return; preparation of financial projections; and breakeven analysis by setting price to levels that meet IRR under various scenarios;

• Economic impact assessment: estimation of output, incomes, employment, productivity and overall contribution of the Project; and potential welfare effects and their respective values;

• Risk profile: identification of drivers and pressures; sensitivity analysis; individual scenario analysis; combined scenario analysis; and Monte-Carlo analysis results.