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Client case study

Market research for the Institute of Aerospace Technology

Grant Thornton had been appointed as consultants for the University of Malta by MCST under the FUSION programme, specifically to assess the ability to commercialise a technology being developed by the Institute of Aerospace Technologies. The technology targeting the identified industry concerns, the Project proposes a novel concept of automation within the sector.

Services provided include:

• Market research: identification of perspective users and customer readiness towards the technology; identification of geographical targets; primary and secondary market identification and analysis; assessment of industry trends; competitor/substitute analysis; PESTEL analysis; and assessment of barriers to entry;

• Product development costing: assessment of commercialisation options; review of operational assumptions; forecast market trends based on market research; assessment of an appropriate internal rate of return; preparation of financial projections; and breakeven analysis by setting price to levels that meet IRR under various scenarios;

• Economic impact assessment: estimation of output, incomes, employment, productivity and overall contribution of the Project; and potential welfare effects and their respective values;

• Risk profile: identification of drivers and pressures; sensitivity analysis; individual scenario analysis; combined scenario analysis; and Monte-Carlo analysis results.