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Malta’s Startup Residence Programme

Enterprise Minister Miriam Dalli has announced a new residency scheme aimed at non-Europeans willing to bring their startups to Malta.

The programme will allow founders of startups to apply for a three-year residency permit, renewable for a further five, while core employees earning more than €30,000 a year, will be able to renew it for a further three. Long-term residency can be applied for after five years legally living in Malta.

Malta Enterprise will be responsible for looking into the business viability and monitoring the economic progress of the venture, while Residency Malta Agency would also ensure due diligence on the source of wealth.

The incorporated startup must have not been registered for more than seven years anywhere in the world and will be required to place a tangible investment or paid-up share capital of not less than €25,000. In cases where more than four co-founders apply for the residence permit, an additional €10,000 each needs to be placed. The maximum number of co-founders eligible for the startup residence programme is six.