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Business Incentives

Incentives for Business Research Partnerships

Business Research Partnerships allow qualifying enterprises to request assistance from Research and Knowledge Dissemination Organisations to engage in innovative activities. Through such collaboration, small and medium sized entities (SMEs) will have access to resources, skills, and information that will enable the design of new processes, products and services with the aim of improving efficiency and competitive advantage.

Malta Enterprise is aiming that this measure will aid in supporting SMEs as they collaborate with a Research and Knowledge-Dissemination Organization to execute different projects that result in new innovative products, processes, and organizational structures.

This scheme is open for well-established SMEs as well as recently established ones. The Corporation also pointed out that enterprises set up for less than five years or that employ less than five full time employees must include a business plan to support their application.

Malta Enterprise has also put forward the following points to keep in mind with regards to the support provided:


  1. The aid intensity cannot exceed 50% of the allowable expenses. The most that could be distributed to any Business Research Partnership is one hundred thousand euros (€100,000).
  2. The aid intensity for innovation advisory services and innovation support services may increase up to 100% of the qualifying expenses, provided that the overall support for such services reaches a maximum of two hundred thousand euros (€200 000) for any undertaking within any three-year period.


To further establish a Business Research Partnership, Malta Enterprise will cover the costs in relation to the secondment of a fully qualified individual from a Research and Knowledge-Dissemination Organization. This person would be engaged in research and development projects in a new job-position within the entity rather that replacing other personnel.  

Moreover, Malta Enterprise will also cover costs relating to the training and consultancy of the innovation advisory service directly provided by a Research and Knowledge-Dissemination Organization. If the person on secondment or the innovation advisory services recommend market research or other means of obtaining information which could help in the improvement and development of products and services, these costs would also be financed by the Malta Enterprise.

For further information regarding the application process, kindly visit this document relating to Innovation Aid for SMEs:

Business Research Partnerships Version 1.0.pdf (