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Grant Thornton Malta launch strategic partnership with MLG Blockchain

We are glad to announce the launch of a partnership with MLG Blockchain, a global venture creation and advisory firm headquartered in Toronto and New York. The strategic collaboration will focus on streamlining the process for new ventures to access liquidity and capital through Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) solutions, including the offering of Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) under the Maltese regulatory framework. Grant Thornton Malta and MLG Blockchain will jointly work on IEOs for international clients to ensure that they are carried out in a legally compliant manner.


This partnership makes it possible for two of the most experienced firms in the blockchain industry to better serve clients and provide disruptive companies with expertise, interconnected networks, and broader access to capital.


"Digital assets provide the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of today's digitally connected investors," said Dr Wayne Pisani, the partner leading the financial services tax and regulatory team at Grant Thornton Malta. "This partnership brings to the table the ingredients to provide a holistic end-to-end solution combining MLG Blockchain's technology credentials and Grant Thornton's financial and regulatory expertise. The team's combined hands-on experience in the implementation of accessibility to finance solutions draws on the efficiency and flexibility in the issuance of the nascent genre of digital assets adopting distributed ledger technology and smart contracts, all within a regulatory landscape", observed Dr Pisani.


Mr Michael Gord, Founder & CEO of MLG Blockchain, also expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration. "We are excited to partner with Grant Thornton Malta, a global leader in IEO structuring and compliance, to ensure that all our clients remain compliant while we expand our service offerings to include IEOs. Being compliant across all jurisdictions we operate in is a necessary aspect to the value proposition IEOs bring to the ecosystem, which is immediate liquidity with widespread distribution and awareness on top exchanges", said Mr Gord. MLG Blockchain is a global venture creation and advisory firm with blockchain technology development and broker dealer capabilities. MLG Capital, the capital markets subsidiary of MLG Blockchain, is associated with GB Capital Markets, and focus on bridging the global gap between blockchain companies and North American capital markets.


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Grant Thornton Malta was one of the first firms to be registered by the Malta Financial Services Authority ("MFSA") to offer the services of a Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) Agent (under both articles 7 and 14 of the VFA Act), enabling it to support both VFA issuers in the registration of ICO whitepapers as well as VFA service providers in their licensing process. The Virtual Financial Assets Act (VFAA) requires potential issuers of VFAs and service providers to appoint a VFA Agent to assist them with their offering, or application for admission to listing, on the one hand or the processing of a license application, depending on the project at hand.


Accordingly, Grant Thornton Malta are now authorized to act as intermediaries between potential issuers and/or service providers and the MFSA for VFA issuances and license applications. The VFA Agent is central to the relationship between the client and the MFSA, also acting as a gatekeeper to safeguard the public interest.


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