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Grant Thornton Malta help secure 60 million Euro for social housing and health centres

Grant Thornton Malta has helped Primary HealthCare and the Housing Authority to secure a total of 60 million Euro in funds in two separate projects.

A memorandum of understanding was signed last February between the National Development and Social Fund (NDSF) and the Housing Authority to allocate 50 million Euro for the building of 500 new housing units. This was part of the biggest social housing project ever. Grant Thornton’s Advisory Services Team supported the Housing Authority in the formulation of a cost-benefit analysis as part of its efforts to secure the funds from the NDSF.

This week also marked another important milestone for our Advisory Services Team, as Primary HealthCare (the Maltese entity entrusted with the management of public primary healthcare) was awarded by the NDSF a €10 million grant to finance the refurbishment and modernisation of the various health centres around Malta and Gozo. Even in this case Grant Thornton supported Primary HealthCare in the formulation of a cost-benefit analysis.

The impact of primary healthcare on society is huge, as it is usually the first touch point that the public has with the healthcare system, and it can meet 80-90% of individuals’ health needs over the course of their life. There are currently 10 Health Centres and 56 Community Clinics around Malta and Gozo. Increasing the quality of services that they provide, will help to alleviate pressure on Mater Dei hospital, increase the population’s health outcome, improve social equity and ensure accessibility for all. 

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