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Grant Thornton and Dhalia launch insightful study on property prices

CoverGrant Thornton Malta and real estate agency Dhalia have joined forces to present an insightful study on the Maltese property market, which for the first time presents a factual and in-depth understanding of this major economical pillar. “The Malta property landscape” report brings together Dhalia’s high-quality data on the real estate market and the analytical expertise of Grant Thornton. The study findings were presented during an event organised at Magazino Hall in Valletta on June 28th, which saw the participation of stakeholders in the property and construction industries and local authorities.

The event was opened by Grant Thornton Partner and Head of Advisory George Vella followed by Dhalia CEO Alan Grima. The two industry veterans discussed what prompted both organisations to work on this ambitious and first-of-its-kind study of the property market in Malta and Gozo.

The report combines different factors pertaining to house prices collated by Dhalia’s network of agents. This treasure trove of information was then categorised and analysed by Grant Thornton’s data analysts with the result presenting a faithful picture of the property market, which not only takes into consideration the location of a property but also its specific features. Such methodology allowed measuring the rate of change in the selling and rental prices of housing units in the country over time, “This report seeks to understand the key determining factors of the property market.

Without a thorough understanding of the behaviour and impact of these factors, it is highly difficult for anyone to form any meaningful insights and opinions about this extremely important industry,” commented Mr Vella.

“When discussing various options with Grant Thornton, we felt that there is still a gap which is not yet covered by other reports and publications. Moreover, the quality of the underlying data on which these statistics and reports depend, is critically important. Grant Thornton helped us refine the data collected by our agents, and the report is based on a methodology that reflects a more elaborate and accurate analysis of the market,” said Mr Grima.

Having at their fingertips timely and in-depth market intelligence on developments in the Maltese property market will enable policymakers, businesses and people investing in property to make informed choices and decisions. The full version of “The Malta property landscape” report is a bi-annual publication available here.