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How can companies and customers work towards a better climate?

Many people do not seem to be aware about the potential consequences of climate change. 

As explained by the United Nations, climate change does not simply mean higher temperatures. It also refers to more severe consequences, such as melting of polar ice, flooding, and a reduction in biodiversity. Most individuals and organisations do care about this, but no drastic changes can be done if these all act in isolation. 

Customers underestimate their capacity to influence what firms do, and they usually ignore and dismiss corporate initiatives. On the other hand, companies also underestimate their own capacity to leave an impact on their customers, since they are overlooking the possibilities of being innovative through meeting customers’ sustainability demands. 


How can companies and customers become sustainable?

There are many ways how companies and customers can join forces to become more sustainable and have a meaningful impact. When a company makes it clear that they do have a climate strategy in place, this will make it easier to connect with current and potential customers who have similar views on how to tackle this climate crisis. 

Firstly, companies must understand how customers can contribute to improving climate change, and how this can be tackled through the products and services being offered. It has been recorded that 70% of the population is concerned about our climate, irrespective of their age, gender, or income. Hence, companies cannot go wrong by showing that they are also focusing on being sustainable.

Moreover, customers must also understand the motivation of the company and feel connected to it. Many companies have tried to settle this connection with their customers, but only a few manage to cut through. Firms must move away from the numbers and fixed corporate strategies and start sharing the emotional side of their sustainability journey to really build and maintain credibility with the consumers. 


What can companies do to become more sustainable?

One of the biggest obstacles limiting individuals from putting more effort into their sustainable practices is that businesses are not making enough effort to do so.

Firms must initially reduce their own carbon footprint through their value chain emissions. Companies must act transparent in their operations, disclosing their own carbon emissions and their plans to reduce them. It is through this, that the customers will trust the company and feel motivated to take climate action. 

Companies have the power to influence society in general, and through collaborations with NGOs, suppliers, and governments, many people can be reached and affected by such sustainable transformations.


All in all, climate change cannot be addressed by a single entity. It is only through a joint effort that we can really achieve a large-scale impact.