Past Event: Friday, April 12, 2024

Unlock the full potential of data analysis and business efficiency with our comprehensive Excel training session. Gain mastery over this powerful tool, enabling you to work with heightened productivity and efficacy. This course is crafted to elevate your proficiency from basic to intermediate Excel skills, covering essential aspects such as shortcuts, formatting, and functions.

Join us to enhance your Excel capabilities and streamline your workflow for optimal results. Don't miss out on this opportunity to sharpen your skills and excel in the realm of data analysis and business operations.

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Meet the Trainer

Kurt DeGiorgio
Assistant Manager | Business Consulting Services

Kurt’s professional portfolio consists of both public sector and private sector clients. Projects range from the drafting of National Strategies being present to cabinet and consultation reports presented to private boards. Other projects include; Economic Impact Assessments (EIAs); cost-benefits analysis (CBAs); commercialisation reports; market studies; feasibility studies; strategy formulation; real estate valuations and insights; and project management.