Friday, July 26, 2024
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Europe/Paris)
Online via Microsoft Teams
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In a landscape where accurate business valuations underpin key investment and strategic decisions, developing a foundational understanding of business valuation methods and principles is indispensable for finance and investment professionals.

Our Introduction to Business Valuations training course is meticulously designed to bridge this knowledge gap, offering a robust curriculum that demystifies the core valuation methodologies, including discounted cash flow (DCF) and comparable company analysis (CCA), among others.

Enroll now for this comprehensive course for €90 and gain the skills needed to kickstart your business valuations journey!

Funding scheme for companies


A funding programme entitled Investing in Skills (IIS) encourages those actively engaged in the Maltese labour market to pursue training in order to boost flexibility and productivity. A significant percentage of the training expenses that an employer would have incurred to train staff members are covered by this scheme.

To apply for this scheme, employers with any kind of economic activity are eligible. These include partnerships, corporations, family enterprises, organisations, self-employed individuals or other groups of people, non-governmental organisations, and social partners (regardless of whether they engage in economic activity).

Meet the Trainer

Noor Mustun
Senior Executive | Transaction Advisory Services

Specialising in corporate finance, Noor boasts three years of extensive experience in TAS, during which he has worked with companies across a broad spectrum of industries, including hospitality & tourism, real estate, banking and finance, fishing, mining, and sugar, among others. His expertise encompasses financial modeling, business plans, investor pitches, valuations, financial due diligence, and M&A advisory assignments.