Past Event: Thursday, June 6, 2024

This session equips participants to apply the National Risk Assessment (NRA) and Factsheet published by the National Co-ordinating Committee (NCC) in January 2024 to their Business Risk Assessment (BRA) by understanding the NRA's findings and their impact on the BRA structure.

To ensure confident application, we'll break down the BRA structure and guide you through applying it to a case study, concluding by exploring potential recommendations on how the NRA and Factsheet can further strengthen your BRA process.

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Meet the Trainers

Daniel Borg
Executive | Quality, Risk & Independence

Having joined Grant Thornton in 2021, Daniel has spearheaded a pivotal firmwide initiative to procure an AML onboarding system. Beyond project leadership, Daniel has been involved in the elevation of the organization's risk profile. His role extends to significant contributions to customer risk assessments, alongside the formulation of jurisdictional and industry risk assessments. Daniel is also a certified ISO 31000 Risk Manager & Risk Management Executive.

Andre Azzopardi
Lead Associate | Quality, Risk & Independence

Andre carries out several tasks as part of the Financial Crime section of the team, such as undertaking the KYC process for prospective clients, assessing and performing ongoing due diligence measures, executing AML and CFT audits and provision of training relating to AML and CFT and other financial crime typologies.

Lia Carr
Lead Associate | Quality, Risk & Independence

With nearly a year of experience, Lia has become a valuable asset, contributing to various aspects of financial crime, anti-money laundering and counter financing of terrorism. She is responsible for initiating client onboarding to the termination or closure of a client relationship by performing customer due diligence on potential clients, conducting a client risk assessment and undertaking of ongoing monitoring measures.