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Malta FDI

Malta registers a €9.5 billion increase in FDI in 2016

According to data published by the National Statistics Office, the financial and insurance activities were responsible for the growth, contributing 158.2 billion or 98.0 per cent to the total stock of FDI in Malta during the period under review. Equivalent to a decrease of €0.8 billion over the corresponding flows in 2015, the FDI flows in Malta went up by €3.4 billion during 2016.

FDI inflows increased in all economic activities, 
with the financial and insurance activities being the main driver of the increase.

Of particular note is the fact that investment in manufacturing registered a marked increase of €38 million in 2014 following a notable increase of €101 million in 2013. This contrasts with a fall of €78 million in 2012.

In December 2016 the direct investment abroad by resident entities was recorded at €62.1 billion. The direct investment flows abroad decreased in 2016 by €4.9 billion, compared to a fall of €4.7 billion during the previous year. This can be attributed to lower claims on direct investors by €5.6 billion.

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