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Shaping Malta's Future 2021

Strong and effective governance helps cultivate a culture of integrity, leading to positive performance, sustainable business and general development.  Good governance is essentially built on three corner stones — economic progress, social development and environmental improvements. Good governance ultimately fosters sustainability, creates sustainable values, and helps companies achieve their goals.

All sustainable development principles must be approached in conjunction with an important principle, that of adopting a culture of good corporate governance within the business’ operations, amongst its people and society as a whole.

Such an approach is to be rooted and integrated into our business strategies, culture and daily operations, and continue to be adopted in future years through our engagement in ecosystems driven by three key pillars: environment, society, and governance.

This year’s theme will aim to help understand the dynamic of ‘good corporate governance in relation to sustainable development.’ As Malta looks to reignite the momentum to improve on the pre-COVID-19 landscape, sustainable development will be key to trigger operational recovery in an efficient manner.

The analysis presented in this report is the result of a survey that was conducted between Monday 13th and Friday 24th September. This survey and its results were used to inform the discussions that were held during the 2021 Grant Thornton web conference ‘Shaping Malta’s Future’.