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€50 million Euros of EU grants available to Maltese businesses

€50 million Euros of EU grants available to Maltese businesses

During the period 2014-2020 Malta will be benefitting from just over 1 billion euros of EU funding. This will be one of the most important injections of investment in Malta since Independence and is expected to leave a significant positive impact on the country. Major investment is expected to take place in key areas such as the environment, the transport infrastructure, education and the competitiveness of the private sector.

Through its Malta office, Grant Thornton Malta provides a wide range of EU advisory services. Our expertise dates back to Malta’s accession period to the EU and broadened post accession.

Along the years we have provided specialist tailored services to a variety of private and public clients on EU related assignments ranging from the drafting of EU funding programmes, evaluation, EU project applications and project management. Our services have also catered for key European Institutions, such as the European Commission and the European Parliament. More specifically, Grant Thornton experts have contributed directly towards the drafting of the EU Programmes for the Structural and Investment Funds (2014 – 2020). Furthermore, Grant Thornton Malta is actively engaged with Grant Thornton International to develop EU services Europe wide.

The recently launched 2014-2020 programme Operational Programme foresees investment support towards businesses with special focus directed towards SMEs, including the setting up of new businesses, whereby financial incentives promoting entrepreneurship as well as financial instruments and other financial incentives to consolidate and promote growth are envisaged.

Through our pro-active team of experts using insights, experience and instinct to understand complex issues we will provide you with on-the-ground support to benefit from EU funding opportunities arising from the various programmes. We have a very strong track record which is mainly attributed to the knowledge of the regulations and specific funding programmes requirements. Our strength lies in helping our clients turn project ideas into eligible EU funded project proposals and in turn support them in materialising the developed project ideas on the ground. Grant Thornton can also assist with putting in place the necessary project management and monitoring systems that such projects entail.

This is a unique opportunity for our SMEs to take advantage of one of the main benefits of EU Membership.


For more information one may contact Grant Thornton’s EU advisory team