Friday, June 9, 2023
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Europe/Paris)
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The "Basics in Payroll" training is designed specifically for beginners interested in gaining a fundamental understanding of payroll processes and procedures. Whether you are an aspiring payroll professional or a small business owner looking to manage payroll responsibilities more effectively, this training provides a comprehensive introduction to the essential concepts and skills needed to navigate the world of payroll.

The training involves an overview of the different types of employment and contracts and a brief introduction to the payroll preparation process, explaining the different kinds of tax rates and social security contributions.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, this course provides practical insights into the end-of-year submission process and the termination of an employment contract, as well as an understanding of how the Maltese tax system operates, how tax deductions are calculated on a monthly basis together with the monthly social security contributions calculations. Moreover, the training will also include a review of the fringe benefit guidelines explaining the different fringe benefits and any exemptions that may apply. 


Price: €75 (Discounted) Regular price €90 (incl. VAT). Payment details will be sent via email when the registration is completed.


Meet the Trainers

Christian Sammut
Executive | Business Process Solutions

I have recently been promoted to Executive within the Business Process Solutions department and currently lead the payroll team, having exposure to various industries and assisting clients with setting up the payroll function, overseeing the payroll process, and providing support with any technical queries. I continuously keep abreast with payroll-related updates by attending various seminars on the subject topic. I am currently registered as a student with the Malta Institute of Accountants and ACCA.

Cleaven Abela
Lead Associate | Business Process Solutions

Throughout my four years within the Business Process Solutions department with Grant Thornton, I have worked on different projects and sectors, allowing me to further my knowledge in accounting and payroll functions.  Some of my responsibilities include assisting clients in managing finances and preparing financial documents, assisting in VAT and/or tax-related matters and managing payroll clients.  I have completed the accounting qualification with the Association Certified of Accountants in 2022. I am currently registered as an associate member with the Malta Institute of Accountants and an affiliate with ACCA.