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While companies of all sizes struggle to cope with shrinking numbers and the economic effects of the great pause, a new business model is emerging. E-commerce and cashless transactions are changing the way we do business and shop. Is this the beginning of a cultural shift for Malta? Will our resilience help us navigate through these challenging times?


Social distancing has forced us to reengineer our life, and remote working and homeschooling have changed our daily routines. From sports to professional life, education, and leisure activities, we need to learn how to best adapt to the new norm, but how can we maintain our community spirit and keep on caring for the vulnerable individuals in our society?


More time on our hands means further opportunities to enjoy the environment. While we long for greener areas, we also need to cope with the reality of a booming construction industry and the necessity to plan urban spaces. Less traffic, cleaner air and clearer skies: was the pandemic an eye-opener as to the tangible impact of our lifestyle on the planet?

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Download our report "Shaping Malta's future: the emergence of a new norm".