The Maltese Government is constantly remaining to improve the position as the best place to do business within the aviation industry through exhaustive tax agreements, powerful legislation, and many aviation professionals. This is the best time for airlines, financiers and aircraft owners to be located in Malta.

Because of the despondent fuel prices older aircrafts remain usable and because of the recent access to the capital market you can get credit cheaper than ever before. Therefore, you will get a more competitive environment for lessors with a reduced rental rate and return on investment. For the long term, the trend for the leasing industry remains positive, with positive Revenue Passenger Kilometres (RPK) growth continues and the endured shift among airlines to pass on extra risk to lessors.

At Grant Thornton, we are constantly gaining knowledge about the aviation industry. Through the far-reaching experience we have gained, we can offer you outstanding expertise aviation advisory, aviation tax and aviation audit service lines.

On every aspect within the aviation we have considerable experience, from helping new enthusiastic entrants joining the market, to designing and executing exit strategies to maximise investor return while managing risk. We have the unique position to assist our clients with all aspects relating to their business-as-usual activity. This is why we make it possible to let you optimise your operations within a disciplined environment.