The Grant Thornton Experience is made up of 3 elements or pillars:

  • Transformational Leadership
  • People Experience
  • Client Experience

Very simply put, here we believe that the way we exercise leadership within the firm will determine the kind of experience our people will have and this, in turn, will influence the kind of rapport we want to have with our clients, who are the ultimate beneficiaries of the services we provide.  However please note that these three pillars are interlinked and feed into each other and in all directions, thus making the Grant Thornton experience flowing and on-going.


Let's start with our clients!

Of course we cannot be in business without our clients, and we do want our enterprise to be sustainable and profitable too! It's the way we deal with our clients that makes all the difference and in fact we make the following "client promise" that we constantly strive to achieve, no matter their size or the size of their project. We want our clients to trust us enough to want to return to Grant Thornton for the quality and timeliness of the services that we offer. We want our clients to feel at home with our firm because they get to know that we deliver what we promise.


Our client promise

- We discover what's important to you and make it important to us;

- Agile and responsive service;

- Pragmatic solutions to help you improve and grow;

- Collaborative teams with a different mindset.


Our client experience subsists because of our people experience!

Our people strategy is at the cornerstone of our business. Transformational leadership drives a unique people experience. As with our clients, delivering our people experience is all about bringing the "people promise" to life.

Based on internal research into how people experience Grant Thornton 'at our best' and validated by external academic behavioural research, our Global P&C leaders identified and articulated the four elements of our employee value proposition – our People Promise which was adopted by the Board of Governors in June 2015.


The people strategy

A focus on transformational leadership and the people experience ensures that we have the right people in place to provide our clients with distinctive and differentiated service.


Transformational leadership       

A single, global approach to the way we develop our leaders.   


People experience

The best people practices to deliver a distinctive and differentiated experience of Grant Thornton.


Our people strategy is based on the premise that our leaders create a distinctive and differentiated environment so our people love what they do and in turn deliver an exceptional client experience. These activities are specifically supported by two enablers: the mobility of our people and building capability in strategic markets.


Our people promise

- I am free to be authentic;         

- We are better together;

- I am inspired to make a difference;

- My growth is continuous.


Our culture

Naturally, our strategy and the promise we make to our people greatly determine the culture that one expects to find at Grant Thornton. We boast a unique culture of quality and professionalism in whatever we do.  At the same time we cannot imagine any working day without collaboration, respect and openness towards each other. Our culture is the way we bring alive the values that we believe in. We call them "CLEARR" values, with every letter representing a different value. But all of them together form a "clearr" picture on the way we do things around here!

  • Collaboration, ask for help, give help - we work well together
  • Leadership, have courage and help others - we challenge eachother to be the best we can be
  • Excellence, find a better way everytime - we never get complacent
  • Agility, think broadly, act quickly - we thrive in change
  • Respect, listen and understand, be forthright - we create honest relationships
  • Responsibility, use influence wisely - we own our actions


A rewarding career, but not just…

We hope that this little insight into the life at Grant Thornton helps you to decide whether you think you fit with us or not.

Landing a career with Grant Thornton may naturally take time but we are always on the look-out for the best people, not just in terms of qualifications and experience. To be a potential employee of our firm you need to "like our colour purple" – our values, our principles and our culture.

We do not expect you to understand all this right from the start! Once you would have worked with us for a while, mingled with our people, and listened to our clients you would soon realise that here we are constantly weaving a purple thread in everything we do.