Tahima Micallef & Bernice Zammit

Name: Tahima Micallef, Bernice Zammit
Age: 20, 22
Course: B.Com, M. Accountancy, University of Malta

Roles at Grant Thornton:
Junior associate, audit assistant

Tahima Micallef:

The first time I got to know about Grant Thornton was through a seminar organised at Junior College some 4 years ago. At the seminar, we had the opportunity to get a first glance of what the industry consists of. The key market players were all present, but Grant Thornton appealed to me the most.

That summer I had started working with Grant Thornton within the audit and assurance department. The team was extremely helpful taking time to help me understand the processes and procedures. At the end of my first internship, I felt confident to continue with my studies and looked forward more than every to return to Grant Thornton the following year.

Over the last three years I have seen Grant Thornton grow as a firm, both in terms of people and service line. I appreciate the time managers and partners dedicate to us interns. I seriously feel part of the Grant Thornton family.

At Grant Thornton each internship carries and intensive induction training. Delivered by the firms very own employees, managers and partners - something which is very difficult to come by nowadays. Apart from improving my skills, I also realised what an amazing team Grant Thornton has.

Internships with Grant Thornton are a great opportunity for us students to take our theoretical skills and use them in practical scenarios. Grant Thornton gives students a hands-on learning approach which widens our professional experience.

Bernice Zammit:

Like Tahima, this summer will be my third summer working at Grant Thornton and what a journey it has been! During my second year at University, I had decided to apply to start working at a big firm. What set Grant Thornton apart from the other audit firms was a talk which was delivered at University by the partners themselves, who took time from their own busy schedules to come and speak to us, potential employees.

Throughout the past three years, I was assigned to the audit department where I was exposed to several jobs and clients. Surely this will all serve as a foundation for my career in the future. After I obtain my Masters from University, I would like to continue progressing within this field, working on different jobs, which with their challenges will make work on a day-to-day basis more interesting, helping me to develop both professionally and personally.

My personal recommendation for students who are looking for an internship is to take the opportunity to work in a nice and welcoming environment with limitless opportunities. Speaking as a university student, I believe that these internships are really important since they strengthen the theoretical aspects we learn at University with a practical view of things.