Steve Farrugia

Name: Steve Farrugia

Recruitment year: 2018

Age: 18
Course: B.Com, University of Malta (commencing October 2018)

Role at Grant Thornton: Transaction Advisory Services Junior Associate

I got to know about Grant Thornton through Russell Camilleri, a Senior Manager with the firm, and who also happens to be a friend of mine. His portrayal of Grant Thornton’s operations and work environment drove me to enquire about the possibility of joining as an intern, and I was very pleased to be taken on and deployed with the Transaction Advisory Services team.

From a people perspective, I believe that Grant Thornton differentiates itself from its competitors thanks to the value they put into each of its 120+ team members. Whether an intern, or a Senior Manager, everyone is equally important here. You see this in the way people make themselves available, regardless of hierarchy or title. You see it in the relationships of deep understanding that we build between us, as well as with our clients, and the breadth of the work we are then able to do. This culture is synonymous with the core values that the firm embraces globally: collaboration, leadership, agility, excellence, respect and responsibility.

What I like best about Grant Thornton is the investment the firm puts into its people. It offers more than just a place where to develop one's technical skills. The approach is transformative, helping you grow at all levels, both professionally and personally. I have only been with the firm for a couple of months, and I can already see myself as a more committed and mature individual.

Grant Thornton has also helped me in the way I look at learning and absorbing knowledge. I feel more determined and motivated to constantly learn more and to expand my horizons. I also appreciate the holistic dimension that I am being given about the various industries that the firm caters for. This approach helps me to manage and identify my interests and abilities, to be in a position to make relevant choices in my career.

I sincerely look forward to becoming a permanent member of the Grant Thornton family and keep growing professionally, academically and personally.