Raisa Zerafa

Name: Raisa Zerafa
Recruitment year: 2018

Age: 17
Course: B.Com, University of Malta (commencing October 2018)

Role at Grant Thornton: Tax and Compliance Junior Associate

During my post-secondary education I had the opportunity to attend a seminar organized by Junior College dedicated to students interested in pursuing a career in accounting. This allowed me to see what different firms in the accounting sphere have to offer. Grant Thornton was also present and thanks to their in-depth presentation, I was immediately attracted to the firm. I was lucky enough to be one of the hand-picked students to be offered an internship and really looked forward to working there – a dream which materialized early this summer.

Grant Thornton’s range of services is very broad, ranging from tax and advisory to audit, assurance and business risk services. Each of these services lines then opens up into further niche services, thus providing its clients with a one-stop-shop solution when it comes to professional services. Grant Thornton allows its interns to move around within the departments, and as such gain hands-on work experience within the various areas, complemented by a well-structured training program spread throughout the internship period.

Why does Grant Thornton stand out amongst other firms providing similar services? It is the only firm that doesn’t force you to stay with them for several years, with each internship contract lasting one summer, with the option to renew at the end of the internship period. It also provides its students with a study allowance during the academic year. I believe that Grant Thornton really invests in shaping one’s career and helps one to become more self-confident and goal oriented.

From the very start of the internship, I was amazed by the impeccable training delivered, which focus not only on providing technical skills, but also skills that will help me grow as a person. As an intern, I have also had the opportunity to meet all the firm’s partners, as well as senior management. I have also made new friends who made my stay at Grant Thornton even more interesting. I am really enjoying my experience and although I have not been around for long, I already feel at home and part of the Grant Thornton team.

Looking at the future, I sincerely look forward to grow within this firm and become an integral member – whilst growing into a capable and ambitious professional.