Rafael Fearne

Name: Rafael Fearne
Age: 18
Course: B.Com, University of Malta

Role at Grant Thornton: 
Transaction advisory services intern


After spending last summer working with a government-based firm, I was looking for a change. Grant Thornton approached me and after learning what the firm is all about I was immediately sold. Grant Thornton promised to help me with whatever was needed in- order to progress in my studies and more importantly, the firm promised that I would not just be a number and that I would be able to work on things which interest me in order to bridge the gap between my studies and practice in the real world.

Grant Thornton offers a wide variety of services where all business students can apply their trade. These services range from audit and assurance to tax and legal, as well as advisory services and outsourcing. The firm’s tagline ‘An instinct for growth’ is true to its clients and employees alike.

The intense induction program is proof of the value they give to new intern recruits. It was two weeks with a mix of technical and mental sessions which prepared us well for anything we could expect to face whilst working in the office. The sessions also showed the closeness of the people in the firm, as many of the senior employees joined us at some point or other to help us settle in.

Looking towards the future, I am fully focused on graduating from University with a major in Economics in pursuance of working full-time at Grant Thornton. I am thrilled to be part of Grant Thornton’s team and look forward to sticking around long-term to grow both in my knowledge of the financial services sector as well as a person in general.