Michaela Accarino

Name: Michaela Accarino
Recruitment year: 2018

Age: 18
Course: B.Com, University of Malta (commencing October 2018)

Role at Grant Thornton: Junior Legal and Corporate Associate

I was introduced to Grant Thornton through an accounting seminar that the department of accountancy at Junior college had organized back in February 2018. I was impressed about how different Grant Thornton was, compared to other firms and I immediately connected with the firm.

Grant Thornton offers an experience like no other. It allows us students to put into practice the theory we learn in the classroom, allowing us to gain hands on experience. Apart from that, extensive training is offered covering other fields of study, as well as personal development. Being a medium-sized organisation of some 120 persons, one can appreciate the element of teamwork more clearly, as well as the ease of communication at all levels. The atmosphere is friendly and family-like, making the work day even more pleasant.

I am hoping that once I finish my studies, I can immerse myself fully within Grant Thornton and develop into a confident and hard-working professional, fully supported by the firm. From what I have been able to observe over the last two months, Grant Thornton puts in an enormous investment in its people to help them unleash their potential for growth, which ultimately also serves to provide its clients with a more comprehensive and bespoke service experience.

If you are looking at embarking on a career in auditing, assurance or advisory, Grant Thornton should be at the top of your list as an employer candidate.