Maverick Grech

Name: Maverick Grech
Age: 18
Course: B.Com, University of Malta

Role at Grant Thornton:
Marketing junior associate

I’ve had my eyes set on joining Grant Thornton ever since I went into my second year at Junior College. I clearly recall my first touch point with the firm at a seminar that the Grant Thornton People and Culture team had delivered to campus students. That day I went home with a feeling of ambition and enthusiasm, impressed by how welcoming the team had been. It took little convincing once I found out how the firm was willing to offer to support me during my studies. The picture was much clearer – Grant Thornton was my preferred firm

Grant Thornton offers a wide variety of services. It is pretty much a one-stop shop when it comes to businesses, with services ranging from audit and assurance to tax and legal, as well as advisory services and outsourcing. The firm’s tagline ‘An instinct for growth’ is not just there for decoration but it truly stands to the words.

I was also impressed by the extensive induction training provided. Spread over two weeks it led me to learn numerous things that go beyond understanding what Grant Thornton stands for - such as to function within a team and how to build my career profile. The training made sure that when we then joined the firm we were well equipped for the task at hand.

I am confident that Grant Thornton will be a constant presence throughout my studies, providing me with a hands-on learning opportunity both in the immediate future, and extensive career prospects in the long term.