Name: Mandy Camilleri
Age: 19
Course: B.Com, University of Malta


Role at Grant Thornton: 
Tax intern

I aspired to join an accountancy firm ever since I entered sixth form because I wanted to obtain hands-on experience in my area of study. I decided to join Grant Thornton as I believed that it had the potential to provide me with a rich opportunity to widen my knowledge and gain experience. Grant Thornton looked more attractive to me than any other audit firm because the team was so welcoming and instantly made me feel at home.

Furthermore, I knew I could put my mind at rest that I would always find a helping hand at Grant Thornton when i needed it, both in professional matters, as well as more casual ones. Being a bachelor of commerce second year student at University, my main aim is to get a degree in the sector of financial services and I strongly believe that Grant Thornton could help me reach that goal.

Grant Thornton provided extensive training to us before the start of our summer internship, which I believe was very helpful in making me familiar with the various forms of financial services. Helping me realise that the opportunities are literally endless. Also, I really liked the fact that we were given training on the actual software which is used at work, something which is of extreme importance but is given little attention at University since we tend to focus more on the theoretical aspect of our job. My advice to fellow students is to choose wisely, both when it comes to the career they will pursue, as well as the firm they choose to help them achieve their targets and goals.