Lenise Bartolo

Name: Lenise Bartolo
Recruitment year: 2018

Age: 17
Course: B.Com, University of Malta (commencing October 2018)

Role at Grant Thornton: Marketing junior associate

Last summer, a facebook post published by Grant Thornton sharing the experience of some of 2017's interns caught my eye. I did some further research and was impressed by the positive stories shared by all the other interns. This prompted me to get to know more about Grant Thornton and what the firm had to offer.

When I attended an accounting seminar organised by Junior College, I could experience first-hand the Grant Thornton experience and I asked the People and Culture team more questions on what was the firms' students offering. I also spoke to other companies operating in the same field, but Grant Thornton remained my preferred option. Apart from the excellent development programme it offers interns during their studies, Grant Thornton allows students to join the firm immediately after sixth form.

I thought that starting the internship programme before entering university would be a great advantage such that I could familiarise myself with the work environment and get an early taste of what my career could look like. I also liked the fact that I was not asked to tie myself down to a 5-year contract - rather the option of renewing the agreement from one year to the next.

During the first week of the internship, the People and Culture team delivered a well-managed and structured training programme, through which I could familiarise myself with the firm's service offerings, as well as other industry tools that would be beneficial for my future career.

I believe that Grant Thornton fully embodies its motto to be an instinct for growth. Its core values of collaboration, leadership,  excellence,  agility,  respect and responsibility (CLEARR) are put into practice every single day. The working environment is also friendly and welcoming. I can really see myself graduating as an accountant and progressing in my career as part of the Grant Thornton family.

From what I could experience so far, I am confident that Grant Thornton will not only help me develop my professional skills but will also help me to grow as a person.