Name: Kristina Borg
Age: 17
Course: B.Com, University of Malta

Role at Grant Thornton:
Junior associate

When researching for independent assurance, tax and advisory firms, one of the things which quickly sprung to my attention is the fact that many firms do not offer intern students a full hands-on experience in the everyday working environment that a firms employees encounter.

In this respect, Grant Thornton stands out as one of the only firms to give its student interns an immersive experience into what a job with such a firm really entails. This was the strongest reason for which Grant Thornton was well over and above other audit firms in terms of my personal preference.

Given this hands-on approach which Grant Thornton provides on a day to day basis, myself and other interns working at Grant Thornton shall be provided with a unique opportunity to enhance our current knowledge with such an experience. This will without a doubt assist me to be able to eventually transition from my studies to full-time employment. After I finish my studies, I aim to use this work experience to give my utmost in a firm such as Grant Thornton, and I shall be in a better position to do so given the current valuable induction I am being provided with. Such a hands-on experience requires a very informative training period, which was delivered brilliantly by Grant Thornton. The rich, informative period of training speaks volumes about Grant Thornton’s work ethic, truly showing that the instinct for growth which the firm strives to adhere to is a key part of what makes Grant Thornton stand out. Intern students are not just a number with Grant Thornton – we are given the individual attention we require, which is probably the biggest asset that students like me can be assisted with. For this reason, intern students should make it a point to make the most out of their experience at Grant Thornton, as it will provide the experience which no amount of studying can provide.