Name: Kirsty Debono
Age: 18
Course: B.Com, University of Malta

Role at Grant Thornton:
Junior associate

From the one-week work exposure I got with Grant Thornton during my secondary school years I immediately felt connected with the company. The atmosphere of teamwork and the ability to cooperate with other colleagues in a vast spectrum of areas is what I believe left the greatest impact on me. Another thing that struck me was the ease with which each employee can communicate with higher authorities within the company. This may contrast with other audit firms having a long restricted hierarchal structure.

I have always liked new challenges and I am confident that Grant Thornton is the right firm to support me and provide me with opportunities which will help me grow into a valuable asset for the firm and its clients.

The induction training provided was unique. It delved into every aspect of work without focusing solely on the formalities of the firms’ operations. I felt that Grant Thornton is truly interested in my holistic development and that shows the extent of respect paid to all the people in the firm irrespective of their experience level. I believe that Grant Thornton does adhere and fully respects the CLEARR (which stands for Collaboration, Leadership, Excellence, Agility, Respect and Responsibly) values throughout the duration of its operations and it truly is an instinct for growth for anyone wanting to unlock his/her potential just as I am.