Daniel Grech

Name: Daniel Grech
Recruitment year: 2018

Age: 19
Course: B.Com, University of Malta (commenced October 2017)

Role at Grant Thornton: Transaction Advisory Services Junior Associate

I got to know about Grant Thornton through friends who had joined the firm’s internship programme last year. They praised the firm so much that I immediately sent an email to the firm’s People and Culture team requesting an interview, and I was over the moon when I was accepted.

Thanks to Grant Thornton and my internship with the firm so far,  I have discovered a good number of niche areas and specialisations that I would have never thought of pursuing, as these are not directly covered through university or text books. Compared to its competitors and the big four, Grant Thornton offers much more regular contact with its partners. It also gives you more direct involvement with experienced employees, thus providing you with a better and faster learning experience throughout the internship.

Probably the thing I love most about working at Grant Thornton is its hospitable culture. I really like the warm vibe with which employees greet the new interns. The induction training provided is intensive but not boring, with a full week at the start of the internship and then regular weekly sessions, supplemented by hands-on assignments within the service lines.  Training is well varied, dealing with both technical elements as well as personal development and career growth. The technical element goes beyond the direct services the firm offers and includes topics such as marketing and regulatory, as well as accounting and office skills software. Tasks assigned are varied and constitute real work for the firm’s clients - a welcome respite from purely academic studies.

The overall working environment is warm and friendly.  All the team at Grant Thornton goes out of its way to help you get used to the firm’s systems. The company genuinely feels like one big family, a sentiment that is also felt in how close the partners are with their employees and the personal connections that are visible amongst the team.

I sincerely look forward to becoming a central member of the Grant Thornton team in a more experienced position, hopefully one day taking up a senior or managerial role. At Grant Thornton the sky is the limit!