Bradley Aquilina

Name: Bradley Aquilina
Age: 18
Course: B.Com, University of Malta

Role at Grant Thornton:
Junior associate

I was first introduced to the firm by one of my friends who attended a seminar that the Grant Thornton People and Culture team had delivered to Junior College students. He shared his first impressions of the firm and I immediately became interested in the firm. The tag line was something that left a mark on me, ‘An instinct for growth’ which parallels my ambition. Hence It took little convincing once I found out how the firm was willing to offer to support me during my studies. The picture was much clearer – Grant Thornton was my preferred firm.

Grant Thornton offers a wide variety of services. It is pretty much a one-stop shop when it comes to businesses. With services ranging from audit and assurance to tax and legal, as well as advisory services and outsourcing. The firm’s tagline is not just there for decoration but it truly stands to the words.

I was also impressed by the extensive induction training provided. It gave a positive start to my career at Grant Thornton, where I had my first hands-on experience on programmes such as SAGE. During these two weeks, I learned numerous things that go beyond understanding what Grant Thornton stands for - such as to function within a team and how to build my career profile. The training proved how helpful it was during my first week of my internship where I put my training into practice.

I am confident that Grant Thornton will be constantly present throughout my studies, providing me with a hands-on learning opportunity in the immediate future, and extensive career prospects in the long term. I am sure that this internship and in the future my full-time employment with Grant Thornton will be an integral part of my career where I aspire to obtain a PHD in my sector.